Monday, October 29, 2012

President Obama Talks to Wradio - Colombia - (Interview and Translation)

Hello Spanish Language Students.

Here is a nice Spanish listening exercise for you. 
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This morning, president Barack Obama talked to Wradio, a leading station in Colombia with transmission to cities in USA and Europe. W radio is directed by Julio Sanchez Cristo.

President Obama Talks to Wradio - Colombia - (Interview and Spanish Translation)

Here is the interview with its Spanish translation. Hear it and let us know what you think:

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Obama and Romney After The Latino Vote.

Both Obama and Romney campaigns are making efforts to reach the Latino voters in this 2012 presidential election.
According to a  usa today poll Obama leads Romney  65% to 25% in the vote intention among Latinos.

Lett us take a look of  the  Latino ads by both campaigns: 

Obama campaign featuring Cristina Saralegui and Michelle Obama:

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And here a Romney ad aim to Latino voters with voice over by Romney song who is a fluent Spanish speaker:

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So in that context we decided to pull the view of each candidate on issues that are important for Latinos:

Arizona and Alabama Laws

      Obama says he opposes the Arizona and Obama anti immigrant laws
        and filed a federal lawsuit against them.

      Romney has called Arizona "a model" for the nation, referring to an e-verify
       part of the law that requires that employers check prospect workers against the e-verify system.


       - Has deported in the last 4 years over 1.5 millions illegal immigrants. That is more than
       Clinton and Bush COMBINED.
       - Has created via executive action a path for citizenship to up to 1.7 million young immigrants under the
         program "dream act" where his administration would grant a two-year work permit and  deferral of           deportation to
       young illegal immigrants who arrived as children.

     - As governor of Massachusetts, Romney vetoed a state law similar to the Dream Act
      - Regarding Obama's dream act program  he has said that he will not continue it.

Skilled Immigration
     Obama supports legislation that would increase the amount of skilled foreigners that get
      a special visa and or a green card.

     Favors legal immigration from highly educated and skilled workers. He is a critic of current
     limit of high-skilled visas.

Which Candide do you think Latinos should vote for? who do you think is going to win this election?