Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Nutcracker" will be presented at the Latin neighborhood of Harlem

The version of the work of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893), was created by Puerto Rican author Carmen Rivera and brought to the stage by the renowned choreographer Maria Torres.
A "Nutcracker" Latino? It may not be liked by the purists, but a version of this famous work, with rates ranging from full Puerto Rican salsa, debuts this week in El Barrio, New York.

"The Nutcracker Latino" is set in the Latin Quarter of Harlem, and is marked by the rhythms of Puerto Rican plena, rumba and salsa fused with classical music.

"The Nutcracker latino" consists of short scenes from various works, led by the popular classic, full version of which was presented in December 2013 at the Poet's Den Thater and still works in music composition, and a tribute women with traditional middle Eastern music, played by Mary Tzur, a belly dancer.  

"I want to bring Broadway to El Barrio, to my roots," said the choreographer, referring to the company will have one year of residence in the Poet's Den Theater, where he taught courses and continue working on the project of "The Nutcracker Latino."

He stressed that the company, which is part of his Maria Torres Emerging Artists Foundation, co-chair with actress Vanessa Williams, looking to see more of his "people" on Broadway.

"I started as a dancer, but to get where I am now had to learn how to work in the American market, out on Broadway and on television, where he always saw very little of our people," said the choreographer.

Apart from the animated film "The Nutcracker" with audio latino. Via Youtube. 


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